About the Artist

 Valeriano Ugolini is an Italian-born master creator of nativity scenes, residing in Sandy, Utah. Since the time he was a little boy, venturing into the fertile hills of the Emilian countryside with his grandfather, gathering moss and other natural materials for the family's annual nativity scene, Ugolini has been fascinated by the many ways the birth of Jesus Christ can be depicted. His creations range from over nine feet tall to smaller ones, not quite two feet in height. 

     Valeriano lets individual nativity pieces or sets inspire him to surround them with love and beauty. With a background in graphic arts and an MA in art history, Valeriano uses his personal knowledge of Italian art history, as well as his studies as a youth at the Vatican Minor Seminary in Rome, to create architectural wonders to encase anything from simple to elaborate figurines depicting the birth of the Savior.  Each creation is unique, never to be repeated.

     Val's workshop is his garage and a room just inside his home. But Val has been known to take over his entire house in preparation for his larger scenes. The smell of freshly sawed wood, spray paint and hot glue means Christmas to the Ugolini family; and more importantly, finding Christ in the happiest season of all.

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Valeriano working in his workshop: